Eurasian Collared Dove

Eurasian Collared Dove

Pale, plump, black-collared dove.  Introduced to the Bahamas in the 1970s, now common in all but the Northeast US.  Prospers in urban and suburban areas with feeders, as well as agricultural areas with grain.  Often seen on wires or tall trees.  Large, pale gray or brown, with a black band across the nape; squared, short tail (vs. Mourning Dove pointed tail) and small-headed; wingtips darker than rest of wing.  Largely seed eaters, with some berries and invertebrates.  Nests on trees and buildings, with up to six broods in a year; year-round nesters in warmer areas.  Lifespan up to 13 years.  Population figures unavailable (global 8 million), but likely increasing.


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January 22, 2015