American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Acrobatic, gregarious, and vocal.  Widespread across much of North America.  Uses a wide variety of habitats, including weedy fields, riparian areas, farms, roadsides and backyards.   Small and bright yellow with a black cap in the summer; drab olive and patchy in the winter; unstreaked, with wingbars and a notched tail.  Often occurring in flocks; buoyant, undulating flight style.  Conical bill is adapted to seed eating; diet is exclusively vegetarian.  Favors sunflower and thistle seed at feeders.  Late nester in June and July to take advantage of seeding milkweed, thistle and other plants.   Often calls in flight; flight style is bouncy and undulating.  Lifespan up to ten years.  Population ~ 42 million and stable.  


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January 22, 2015